We provide professional assistance to the academic staff of schools that are interested in GITE’s vision and mission and to work with schools as well as community organizations at both national and international levels that are committed to a transformative educational process that is grounded in equity, social justice and environmental sustainability. We believe that teachers need our technical support to break loose from the stranglehold of traditional, teacher-centered pedagogy with little consideration for environmental education.


To accomplish this vision, GITE supports meaningful educational experiences that develop the community leaders of tomorrow – leaders who understand how to identify societal problems and utilize just and sustainable methods toward meaningful solutions- we can create lasting change and better the world for everyone. In addition, GITE provides professional support nationally and internationally in the creation of new, just, and equitable schools as well as the transformation of existing traditional schools to reflect the standards of transformative education envisioned by its founding members.


GITE plans on supporting existing nonprofit transformative schools through leadership, governance, and community engagement trainings, consulting, and research. This work is conducted by the Executive Director and other directors of GITE. We facilitate this work from our offices in Bloomington and Fishers, Indiana, as well as on-site at various locations around the world. We believe that this work furthers our tax-exempt purpose because it fulfills our stated mission, as outlined in our Bylaws, as well as supports the work of other 501(c)(3) organizations.


As a non-profit organization, we depend on grants and donations to run the activities spelled out in our bylaws. In the near future, this work will also be funded, in part, through consultative fees paid to GITE by other education systems needing our technical expertise.