The idea of transformative education model in Africa and in other parts of the world has been in gestation since Daniel Baron and Michael Ndemanu first met in 2009 when the latter enrolled his children in The Bloomington Project School (BPS), a charter school, co-founded by Daniel. Given his several years of experience teaching in Cameroon, Michael did not cease to be fascinated by phenomenal speed at which his children’s ‘creative potentials accelerated at BPS. After sitting through some of the BPS classes and observing teachers teach, Michael and Daniel began talking in more serious terms about promoting project-based and student-centered pedagogy in Africa. Another colleague, Serafin M. Coronel-Molina, originally from Peru, would join the conversation a few years later. His contribution was enormous. Being a very detail-oriented guy, he helped broaden the conceptualization of the notion of transformative education in Africa to engulf the entire world. Thus, we transitioned from Institute for Transformative Education in Africa to Global Institute for Transformative Education (GITE).The dream of these three colleagues for a transformative education materialized when they resolved to incorporate GITE in Bloomington, Indiana in 2014 and began organizing a pioneer World Conference on Transformative Education (WCTE)in Kakamega, Kenya in July 2018. The location of the conference was changed to Kakamega, Kenya due to political instability in Cameroon.