WCTE 2024 Presentation Formats

Third World Conference on Transformative Education (WCTE)

“Transformative Education in the Americas”

University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras
San Juan, Puerto Rico
April 4-6, 2024

Presentation Formats at the 3rd WCTE


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Sessions and Presentations will include the following formats:

Individual Papers (20 minutes)

Individual paper submissions will be grouped together by the program committee (not more than 3 papers will be grouped) to form a more intimate Discussion Room. The Discussion Room will be the primary venue for individual paper submissions. The Discussion Room will provide for an intense hour of conversations between presenters and attendees concerning related and emergent topics.

Panel Presentations (90 minutes)

Individuals or institutional sponsors may propose to organize a panel of presentations on a related subject, with each presenter offering a perspective on the topic. Panels may include a chair/moderator, 3 or 4 presenters, and a discussant. Each presenter will be allotted 20 minutes to deliver his/her paper, allowing 20 minutes at the end of the panel for commentary by the discussant, and 10 minutes for questions and answers.

Panel proposals must include information on all proposed participants and must indicate that they have been contacted and they have agreed to participate. The individual submitting the proposal will be the sole contact person regarding the conference.

Transformative Schools in the Americas Presentations (60 minutes)

Round Table Discussions (60 minutes)

Individuals or institutional sponsors may propose organizing a round-table discussion on a topic related to the theme of the conference. Like panels, round table discussions are coordinated by a moderator, and offer different perspectives on the proposed topic. Presentation time for each discussant is limited to 5- 7 minutes. Most of the session is devoted to dialogue between the discussants and the audience. In the best round tables, the speakers are aware of each other’s work and views; they refute or support those views in their own talks. There is substantive interchange, as well as the chance to go in-depth. Proposals for round table discussions must include information on all proposed discussants. The individual submitting the proposal will be the sole contact person regarding the round table discussion.

Interactive Workshops (60 minutes)

Presenters spend a short amount of time on the delivery of the pedagogical concept, theory or model, and most of the session is devoted to direct, hands-on participation by the attendees. Workshops are organized to address a theme; discussion is informal and interactive, and papers are not presented.

School Presentations (60 minutes)

P-12 (Pre-nursery through high school) teachers in the Americas with sound knowledge of transformative teaching and learning practices that are currently part of their curriculum are invited to submit a proposal. If selected, they will be invited to the conference with a group of their students to present one of their transformative lessons. Their proposal will have to demonstrate clear evidence of transformative learning as an outcome of the lesson presentation. Scholarships will be available for roundtrip travel, room, and board. Proposals from schools whose overall mission is predicated on student-centered learning will be given priority.

Public Action/Art Exhibition

We will have several spaces available throughout the program for public actions/art exhibitions. These types of presentations are intended to foster critical and public dialogue and should be considered spaces for social action and public pedagogy. Presentation time and venue is flexible and dependent on presenter needs with these types of presentations—indicate your audio-visual and material needs.

Book Talks (60 minutes)

If you have recently published a book that charts a new direction for the Americas and that benefits teachers and education policy makers, this venue would be perfect for you.


Submit a Presentation Proposal

Follow this link to submit your proposal: http: http://www.gite.education/events/submit_proposal/

Opportunity for Scholarly Publication

Outstanding papers will be considered for publication in our peer-reviewed Global Journal of Transformative Education (GJTE). Click on this link for details about the journal: https://scholarworks.iu.edu/journals/index.php/gjte


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